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College students waiting too long to start career

10/04/2012 9:24am
Even though graduation is several months away, some career advisers says students need to start searching for jobs now. Officials with the University of Utah Career Services Center say too many students are waiting until the last minute.

1 percent of kids with allowance save money

10/04/2012 10:03am
How much money do you give your kids for an allowance? And what do they do with it? A new survey finds very few children are learning to save.

Man arrested for soliciting drugs for sex with teen

10/04/2012 10:34am
A Cedar City man was arrested Tuesday after police say he offered to trade prescription drugs for sex while texting with officers posing as a 17-year-old girl.

Timpview High stripped of Region 8 title

10/04/2012 11:17am
More trouble for the already troubled football program at Timpview High School in Provo. The school has now been stripped of a title.

Fatal accident slows traffic on I-15 near Centerville

10/04/2012 1:08pm
A driver was killed Thursday morning on I-15 after his car was crushed between two larger vehicles.

Police, DA look at evidence in scientist's mysterious death

10/04/2012 1:21pm
Police and representatives from the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office sat down Wednesday to talk about the investigation into the death of Uta von Schwedler.

'Bucket List Bandit' won't say if terminally ill

10/04/2012 1:36pm
A man nicknamed the "Bucket List Bandit" because he allegedly told a Utah bank teller that he had just four months to live just shrugged when asked Thursday if he really was terminally ill, moments after a federal judge ordered him jailed until he can stand trial for a northwestern Pennsylvania bank robbery.

UDOT changes proposed route for West Davis Corridor

10/04/2012 5:12pm
A controversial proposal to build a roadway parallel to I-15 in Davis County has been refined in an effort to reduce the potential negative impacts to local residents and the environment.

Man thinks house is being robbed when dog calls cell phone

10/04/2012 5:17pm
Mystery solved: It was the dog, with the phone, in the garden.

Fallen Border Patrol agent was kind, loved his work, family says

10/04/2012 5:46pm
Nick Ivie lived a life of service that extend to his work with the Border Patrol.

Police say grandson killed grandmother in Avenues stabbing

10/04/2012 6:20pm
Police say 84-year-old Joyce Dexter was killed by being stabbed multiple times by her grandson, 21-year-old Zachary Cole Weston, who lived with the woman.

Reseeding project underway in areas scarred by fire

10/04/2012 6:26pm
After a devastating fire season, a Utah community has undertaken a massive rehabilitation project to repair the burn scars, prevent flash flooding and restore wildlife habitat.

Burglars impersonate police, ransack elderly couple's home

10/04/2012 6:42pm
An older couple had a frightening moment when they answered the door to what they thought was the police, but what turned out to be burglars armed with guns.

Woman fights off knife-wielding attacker

10/04/2012 6:44pm
Police are looking for a man with a knife who attacked a woman getting off a TRAX train in Sandy. The woman fought back as the man tried to drag her into a field.

Local debaters say Romney clearly 'won' 1st presidential debate

10/04/2012 7:25pm
Opinions have been flying after the presidential candidates first debate Wednesday night. The viewpoints vary depending on who you ask, but political experts and columnists around the country seem to lean toward Romney as having the better performance.

Firefighters move back into renovated Fire Station 2

10/04/2012 8:13pm
After a six-month renovation project, some Salt Lake City firefighters finally got to move back home. Now, their fire station is one of the best in the city.

Questions remain 11 months after body was found in manhole

10/04/2012 8:45pm
It's been 11 months since a Carbon County man's body was discovered in a sewer pipe, and investigators still don't know how he died or how he ended up at the bottom of a manhole in his family's front yard.

New children's book aids anti-bullying initiative

10/04/2012 9:15pm
Cache County Schools are trying to stop bulling at school by rolling out a bully prevention program at all of their elementary schools this month.

Search and Rescue: Hiker found in Centerville Canyon

10/04/2012 10:13pm
Davis County search and rescue teams were called out late Thursday night to look for a hiker in Centerville Canyon. He was found by a friend and is reported to be uninjured.

Boys questioned by police in airsoft shooting

10/04/2012 10:45pm
Two Cottonwood Heights boys are in trouble with the law after they allegedly shot and injured a girl with an airsoft gun Thursday.

UDOT celebrates 100 years of the Utah-born traffic light

10/04/2012 10:46pm
Utah is the birthplace of some great inventions: television, the artificial heart and the pump shotgun, to name a few. But you probably didn't know that the first electric traffic signal was invented in Salt Lake City 100 years ago.

Fall brings new lineup at Utah Shakespeare Festival

10/04/2012 10:50pm
The leaves may be turning, but the words of William Shakespeare are still flowing in Cedar City. KSL News recently got an inside look at the fall productions of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.