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SOCHI SCENE: Never enough

02/23/2014 12:58am
German biathletes Erik Lesser and Arnd Peiffer just can't get enough of the Olympics.

Big Air a likely next step at Olympics

02/23/2014 1:09am
Coming soon to an Olympics near you: Could it be Big Air?

SOCHI SCENE: Skating party

02/23/2014 1:24am
After the Olympic speedskating competition ended, the party began at Adler Arena.

Speedskating at Sochi: it's all about the Dutch

02/23/2014 1:36am
In the last speedskating race of the Sochi Olympics, there was really no doubt about which team would win.

SOCHI SCENE: Out of the limelight

02/23/2014 1:36am
These are the last Olympics for Bill Marolt as head of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. If that's news _ or if you don't even know who Marolt is _ then he feels like he's done his job.

SOCHI SCENE: Russia clinches medals title

02/23/2014 2:27am
When Alexander Legkov crossed the finish line to win the men's 50-kilometer cross-country race on Sunday, it wasn't just a victory for him. It was a victory for all of Russia.

SOCHI SCENE: Those rings, redux

02/23/2014 2:29am
When one of the five Olympic rings failed to open in a scene at the Sochi Games opening ceremony on Feb. 7, an anxious Russian television executive rushed to use rehearsal footage to conceal the glitch. Three weeks later the Russian producer was relaxed enough to joke about it.

Russia clinches medals title

02/23/2014 2:52am
Alexander Legkov's victory in the men's 50-kilometer cross-country race Sunday clinched the overall medals title for the host nation at the Sochi Games.

CAS dismisses men's skicross appeal against France

02/23/2014 3:07am
The Court of Arbitration for Sport has dismissed an appeal by Canada and Slovenia that tried to disqualify France after it swept the men's skicross race at the Olympics.

Shiffrin, Miller make Sochi skiing 1 for the ages

02/23/2014 3:17am
From Mikaela Shiffrin to Bode Miller, from Mario Matt to Henrik Kristoffersen, Alpine skiing at the Sochi Olympics was one for the ages.

SOCHI SCENE: 3 medals, 3 quotes

02/23/2014 3:59am
Russia's podium sweep in men's 50 kilometer biathlon was its first sweep in Sochi and made it the star of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

SOCHI SCENE: Kim's farewell

02/23/2014 4:01am
Yuna Kim's final goodbye to the Olympics wasn't the silver-medal finish that has her fans around the world upset.

SOCHI SCENE: Bach's speech

02/23/2014 4:19am
The head of the International Olympic Committee might push the teleprompter operators to the last minute at the Sochi Games.

Legkov leads Russian sweep of 50K race at Olympics

02/23/2014 4:25am
Alexander Legkov made sure the Russian flag finally flew highest at the Sochi cross-country skiing venue _ and for these entire Olympic Games.

Bjoerndalen's farewell highlights Olympic biathlon

02/23/2014 5:13am
Weather worries. Track troubles. Ukraine's unity. Domracheva dominating. And Bjoerndalen being brilliant.

SOCHI SCENE: Ho-hum gold game?

02/23/2014 6:09am
Empty seats, relatively quiet crowd _ the final gold medal competition of the Sochi Games feels more like a lazy Sunday warmup to the closing ceremony.

Bach hails 'amazing' transformation of Sochi

02/23/2014 7:03am
IOC President Thomas Bach hailed the Sochi Olympics on Sunday for showcasing the "amazing" transformation of a fading resort town where he once feared being hit in the head by a falling roof.

Zubkov wins double bobsled gold for Russia

02/23/2014 7:10am
Alexander Zubkov was given a daunting assignment for his home Olympics. His task: Take to Russian ice and make history, against drivers who have been beating him for years.

SOCHI SCENE: Price's saves

02/23/2014 7:29am
One of the brightest stars for Canada this Olympics isn't scoring goals, he's preventing them.

5 things to know about the Sochi Olympics

02/23/2014 7:30am
Fast five, Sunday edition: Five things to know about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

USA's Steven Holcomb wins 2 bronze medals in Sochi

02/23/2014 7:52am
Steven Holcomb might as well be driving USA-62.

SOCHI SCENE: Crosby's goal up close

02/23/2014 8:00am
When Canadian superstar Sidney Crosby pounced on a turnover and steamrolled toward Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist in the second period, there was little doubt that Crosby was going to put it away.

IOC confident in success of anti-doping program

02/23/2014 8:14am
At the midpoint of the Sochi Games, not yet marred by a single case of doping, the IOC's top medical official said its efforts to catch drug cheats were so successful they had scared them all away.

SOCHI SCENE: Stalin's Dacha

02/23/2014 8:18am
Before it was an Olympic city, Sochi was a Black Sea resort town favored by Russians trying to escape the cold up north.

US officials defend team performance in Sochi

02/23/2014 8:27am
The speedskaters flopped, and the hockey team was blanked when it mattered most. If it wasn't for some brand new sports, the medal count would be paltry.

Canada beats Sweden 3-0 for Olympic hockey gold

02/23/2014 9:36am
Sidney Crosby skated in alone on Henrik Lundqvist, faking Sweden's goalie to the ice with a textbook-quality deke and sliding a perfect backhand into the net.

On home ice and snow, Russians win medals tally

02/23/2014 9:51am
Russia's post-Soviet athletic decline hit bottom at the Vancouver Olympics, where the once dominant winter sporting nation left with only three gold medals and the daunting task of rebuilding its team in time to host the Sochi Games.

Olympic results: Four-man bobsleigh

02/23/2014 9:57am
Click the story to read the results of the four-man bobsleigh race.

Column: A pop quiz for things learned in Sochi

02/23/2014 10:12am
You've just spent two weeks of your life watching things you won't even think about for another four years.

SOCHI SCENE: 'We leave as friends'

02/23/2014 11:11am
The president of the IOC says Russia delivered what it promised at the Winter Olympics, creating what he dubs "the athletes' games."

SOCHI SCENE: On to PyeongChang

02/23/2014 11:15am
One of the enduring moments of every Olympic closing ceremony is the passing of the baton from the current host city to the next one.

SOCHI SCENE: Sealed with a kiss

02/23/2014 11:30am
Russia's Alex Legvold has sealed the Sochi Games with a kiss.

Hockey-crazed Canadians celebrate Olympic gold

02/23/2014 11:36am
Hockey-crazed Canadians from coast to coast thought nothing of an early morning start and streamed into bars on Sunday to watch and celebrate Team Canada capturing Olympic gold.

Sweden's Backstrom fails doping test in Sochi

02/23/2014 11:46am
Sweden center Nicklas Backstrom watched from the athletes village as his teammates lost to Canada in the Olympic hockey gold-medal game because he failed a doping test for a substance found in an allergy medication.

SOCHI SCENE: Rings, take 2

02/23/2014 11:58am
This time, Sochi got the Olympic rings right. And with a little self-deprecating humor, too.

SOCHI SCENE: Cutting loose

02/23/2014 11:59am
Japanese Olympians carrying Russian flags. Athletes dancing around to Daft Punk and Blur. And Russia's latest sports stars getting the biggest roar of all from the Fisht Stadium crowd.

SOCHI SCENE: Flame out

02/23/2014 12:01pm
With a nod to Russia's Olympic past and 900 children carrying small flames, a giant bear has extinguished the flame of the Sochi Games.

Canada rules rink, a flame dies, an Olympics ends

02/23/2014 12:01pm
The Olympic flame was snuffed out. No chance of that for the Canadian hockey team, champions again.

NBC's Olympics: The eyes have it

02/23/2014 6:22pm
NBC Universal's Sochi performance is partly measured in gold, too.

Costly, political, successful: Sochi Olympics end

02/23/2014 8:19pm
Flushed with pride after its athletes' spectacular showing at the costliest Olympics ever, Russia celebrated Sunday night with a visually stunning finale that handed off a smooth but politically charged Winter Games to their next host, Pyeongchang in South Korea.

Costly, political, successful: Sochi Olympics end

02/23/2014 8:19pm
Flushed with pride after its athletes' spectacular showing at the costliest Olympics ever, Russia celebrated Sunday night with a visually stunning finale that handed off a smooth but politically charged Winter Games to their next host, Pyeongchang in South Korea.

Bjoergen, Cologna star in cross-country in Sochi

02/23/2014 11:28pm
Marit Bjoergen is still in a class of her own in women's cross-country skiing, although perhaps not quite as dominant as she was four years ago.