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02/17/2014 12:41am
The door to the van opens, and Anita DeFrantz takes a seat and stares at the soaring mountains before her.

Olympic tension: Activists say ethnic leader held

02/17/2014 1:00am
Activists say Russian police have detained a community leader of the Circassian ethnic group, which is native to the Sochi region and has protested Russia's holding of the Olympics on their ancestors' land.

Putin in Sochi: a disciplined show

02/17/2014 2:03am
So far during the Winter Olympics, Vladimir Putin hasn't shown off his pecs, scuba-dived to a treasure site or engaged in any sort of the he-man stunts he's known for.

Kim to go 17th, Julia 25th in Sochi short program

02/17/2014 2:05am
Defending Olympic champion Yuna Kim of South Korea will skate 17th in a field of 30 in the short program Wednesday at the Sochi Games.

SOCHI SCENE: Cheshire's concussion

02/17/2014 2:29am
Halfpipe skier Rowan Cheshire says she doesn't remember much after sustaining a concussion in practice.

SOCHI SCENE: Winter, or San Francisco?

02/17/2014 2:31am
Wait, what? It actually feels like winter at the Winter Olympics.

Olympic men's snowboardcross delayed by fog

02/17/2014 2:51am
Fog has pushed back the elimination rounds in men's snowboardcross.

SOCHI SCENE: Absent friend

02/17/2014 2:56am
Maybe he would've suited up for the Sochi Games. Maybe not. Either way, there's no denying that, out on the aerials course, Jeret "Speedy" Peterson is missed.

Thick fog shrouds Sochi's Alpine skiing courses

02/17/2014 3:00am
Add thick fog to the list of tough conditions on the Alpine skiing courses at the Sochi Olympics.

Activist detained in Sochi for one-man picket

02/17/2014 3:21am
An activist has been detained in Sochi for protesting a recent prison sentence for a local environmentalist.

SOCHI SCENE: Biathletes back to bed

02/17/2014 3:34am
Biathletes have seen their daily rhythm at the Sochi Games disturbed by the rescheduling of a race _ a race that then didn't go ahead as planned.

SOCHI SCENE: Don't bet on it

02/17/2014 4:06am
When it comes to illegal sports betting at the Olympics, IOC spokesman Mark Adams says they're not playing any games.

Frenzel a "50-50" chance for Nordic large hill

02/17/2014 4:28am
Normal hill gold medalist Eric Frenzel has a virus and a high temperature and could miss Tuesday's Nordic combined large hill final at the Sochi Olympics.

Olympic men's snowboardcross pushed to Tuesday

02/17/2014 4:31am
The Olympic men's snowboardcross has been pushed back to Tuesday because of fog.

Dutch speedskaters whippin' the world in Sochi

02/17/2014 4:53am
They stepped onto the podium, one after another, teammates and friends, all decked out in the same uniform.

Earlier start for women's Olympic giant slalom

02/17/2014 5:31am
Start times for the Olympic women's giant slalom on Tuesday have been pushed forward by 90 minutes.

SOCHI SCENE: Hernandez recovers

02/17/2014 5:54am
Jackie Hernandez doesn't remember the fall. And, after watching the replay once, which was all she could stomach, she still doesn't know what happened.

SOCHI SCENE: Big ratings for hockey

02/17/2014 6:22am
The numbers are in for the thrilling USA-Russia men's hockey game, and they're huge.

Jacobsen done competing at Sochi Olympics

02/17/2014 7:16am
The Norwegian cross-country skier whose brother died on the eve of the Sochi Olympics has traveled back to Norway and will skip the remaining events.

Unbeaten men's hockey teams prepare for big finish

02/17/2014 7:46am
Canada, Sweden and the U.S. men all made it through the first week of the Olympic hockey tournament without a loss. Their reward is an extra day off before the medal chase begins.

SOCHI SCENE: Kostner's Bolero

02/17/2014 7:57am

SOCHI SCENE: Through the tunnel

02/17/2014 7:58am
One way to avoid bad mountain weather, at least for a moment: Use a tunnel.

Medals, yes, but not the Olympics Norway planned

02/17/2014 7:59am
For a man with a bit of explaining to do to the folks back home, Inge Andersen didn't seem terribly concerned as he ate a late breakfast Monday at the Norway House.

Thick fog causes delays at Sochi Olympics

02/17/2014 8:15am
Thick fog lingering over the mountains Monday caused the biggest weather disruptions of the Sochi Olympics so far, with a biathlon race and a snowboard event both postponed until Tuesday.

Norway's Aksel Lund Svindal pulls out of Olympics

02/17/2014 8:21am
Aksel Lund Svindal is skipping his last race at the Olympics because of allergies he thinks are "from the concrete that's in the air."

Slovakia's Kopecky ruled out for rest of Olympics

02/17/2014 8:52am
Slovakia forward Tomas Kopecky has been ruled out for the remainder of the Olympics.

SOCHI SCENE: When Dogs Fly

02/17/2014 9:06am
Gus Kenworthy's party back in Colorado to celebrate his silver medal in men's slopestyle skiing is going to have to wait.

In Sochi gay rights debate, stars stay offstage

02/17/2014 9:06am
The combination appeared custom-made for a grand display of Hollywood activism: a stirring human rights cause and the international platform that is the Winter Olympics.

SOCHI SCENE: Thankful bobsledders

02/17/2014 9:13am
Australian bobsledders Heath Spence and Duncan Harvey knew they had no medal chance in the two-man competition at the Sochi Games.

SOCHI SCENE: 'Crazy emotional'

02/17/2014 9:16am
American skier Bode Miller is responding to criticism of an NBC post-race interview by saying it was a "crazy emotional moment."

SOCHI SCENE: Stanley in Sochi

02/17/2014 9:53am
Lord Stanley is receiving a warm welcome in Sochi.

US teen Shiffrin's notes helped prep for Olympics

02/17/2014 9:54am
American skier Mikaela Shiffrin travels the world with her journals, filling them with thoughts about her sport and her life.

SOCHI SCENE: 'There's no secret'

02/17/2014 9:57am
Julie Chu of the U.S. women's hockey team has won five world championships, but never an Olympic gold medal. She won silver in 2010 and 2002 and a bronze in 2006.

SOCHI SCENE: Sochi souvenirs? Get in line

02/17/2014 10:32am
In Sochi's Olympic Park there are two constants: the Olympic flame burning triumphantly in the middle of the park and the long line of waiting shoppers snaking out of the official store.

SOCHI SCENE: Quick return

02/17/2014 10:56am
Japan figure skaters Mao Asada and Akiko Suzuki headed to Armenia to train after the team event at the Sochi Olympics.

SOCHI SCENE: Zamboni phone call

02/17/2014 11:07am
New laws are being adopted across the United States that forbid automobile drivers from talking on their cell phones while driving.

In Sochi, Olympic security increasingly uneven

02/17/2014 11:12am
Hotel guests are walking, unchecked, past unused metal detectors. Security guards are no longer poking around at the pockets and ankles of every single person entering Olympic facilities. Tangerines and bottles of Coke are making it through security barriers that banned them two weeks ago.

Disallowed goal heats up Russian hockey fans

02/17/2014 11:22am
After a heated U.S.-Russia hockey match at the Sochi Olympics on Saturday, many Russian spectators have decided the cold war is back _ and not just on the ice.

Domracheva wins 3rd Olympic biathlon gold medal

02/17/2014 11:24am
Darya Domracheva is so light-footed on her skis, her rivals have started comparing her with a dancer.

SOCHI SCENE: Puck focus

02/17/2014 11:39am
Hockey goalies have to have incredibly sharp focus. And you can't get more focused than Canada's goalkeeper Shannon Szabados was during one sequence against Switzerland on Monday night.

SOCHI SCENE: Repairing the ring

02/17/2014 11:41am
The Olympic rings will be whole again for the closing ceremony. That's a promise.

SOCHI SCENE: Gold on ice

02/17/2014 12:03pm
Joy, the spotlight and gold: Associated Press photographer Darron Cummings captures this moment in the sun for Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who took top honors in the ice dance free dance figure skating finals Monday night at the Sochi Games.

Holcomb and Langton win 2-man bronze for US

02/17/2014 12:10pm
The first thing Steven Holcomb noticed when he crossed the finish line Monday night was that the Russian fans were wildly cheering.

US women coast past Sweden 6-1 in Olympic hockey

02/17/2014 12:32pm
The work began before the U.S. women's hockey team reached the medal round, before it arrived in Sochi, before the roster was even selected.

SOCHI SCENE: #DawnsEarlyLight

02/17/2014 12:44pm
The U.S. women's hockey team has come up with a clever way to attract fans back home to watch its games live _ hashtagging the second line of the American national anthem.

Have you seen this? Luge POV

02/17/2014 1:13pm
Matt Mortensen of the U.S. doubles luge team has given us a little look at what it's like to fly down an ice track at 80 mph.

Davis, White of US win Olympic ice dance gold

02/17/2014 1:28pm
Through 17 years of grueling practices, of defeats and victories, Meryl Davis and Charlie White insist they've never considered parting ways.

SOCHI SCENE: Moir's celebration

02/17/2014 1:44pm
Scott Moir sure knows how to celebrate medals, whether they are gold or silver.

Another gold for Belarus in aerials at Olympics

02/17/2014 1:52pm
This was a high five Anton Kushnir will never forget.

Canada women beat Swiss 3-1, will play for gold.

02/17/2014 1:57pm
Not once in the five Olympics since women's hockey was added to the Winter Games has Canada failed to reach the final.

US, Canada to play for women's hockey gold medal

02/17/2014 2:18pm
The United States and Canada will play for the women's hockey gold medal for the fourth time in the five Olympics since the sport was added to the Winter Games.

Gay-rights activist detained at Olympic Park

02/17/2014 2:24pm
An Italian activist shouting "It's OK to be gay" and dressed in a rainbow-colored outfit and large headdress was detained Monday as she entered an arena to watch an Olympic hockey game.

Germany wins team gold in Olympic ski jumping

02/17/2014 3:11pm
With the gold medal on the line, Severin Freund made his final jump, then hoped it would be enough to give Germany victory in the team large hill ski jumping competition Monday at the Sochi Olympics.

Mao Asada focused on other triple jumps in Sochi

02/17/2014 4:03pm
Mao Asada is still trying triple axels.

Costas returns to Olympic coverage

02/17/2014 6:25pm
Bob Costas returned as host for NBC's prime-time Olympic coverage Monday night, if still not exactly clear-eyed, at least with a sharpened sense of respect for the colleagues and crew who covered for him during a six-day absence.

Ticket sales meeting expectations, Olympic organizers say

02/17/2014 7:29pm
The 1-millionth Olympic Park ticket was sold in Sochi this past weekend. Even though empty seats can be seen at some of the venues, organizers say ticket sales are meeting expectations.

Speed is key to success in downhill skiing, snowboarding, athletes say

02/17/2014 8:39pm
For downhill skiers and snowboarders there is nothing that matters, except for speed.

US twin supports her sister during Olympic biathalon

02/17/2014 9:33pm
There is sisterly love. And then there is twin sisterly love, especially with biathalon athletes, Lanny and Tracy Barnes.

Pikus-Pace, Hansen take Olympics break to attend LDS church in Russia

02/17/2014 9:47pm
Utah Olympians Noelle Pikus-Pace and Kate Hansen took a break from their busy schedule Sunday week to attend church in Russia.

Davis, White of US win Olympic ice dance gold

02/17/2014 10:39pm
Through 17 years of grueling practices, of defeats and victories, Meryl Davis and Charlie White insist they've never considered parting ways.

Davis, White of US win Olympic ice dance gold

02/17/2014 10:39pm
Through 17 years of grueling practices, of defeats and victories, Meryl Davis and Charlie White insist they've never considered parting ways.

Zubkov rolls to Olympic 2-man bobsled gold medal

02/17/2014 10:40pm
It was a night 62 years in the making for the U.S., with the pairing of Steven Holcomb of Park City, Utah, and Steve Langton of Melrose, Mass., taking the bronze, the first two-man medal showing by an American sled since 1952.

Frenzel to start Nordic combined large hill

02/17/2014 10:44pm
Normal hill gold medal winner Eric Frenzel of Germany will start Tuesday's Nordic combined large hill final despite a virus.

Jamaican bobsled team feels the love in Sochi

02/17/2014 10:51pm
Jamaica's bobsled team didn't win gold, silver or bronze, but that doesn't mean they weren't loved in Sochi.

Weibrecht's fan club in Alta thrilled with silver medal

02/17/2014 11:03pm
Andrew Weibrecht won a silver medal in the Super-G and the folks at the Alta Ski Shop celebrated his feat.

British halfpipe skier Cheshire out of Olympics

02/17/2014 11:35pm
British freestyle skier Rowan Cheshire will miss Wednesday night's debut of women's halfpipe with a concussion.

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