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New Yorker to ice dance for Lithuania at Olympics

01/23/2014 6:08am
The flights from New York to Sochi won't come close to comparing with the journey Isabella Tobias already has taken to earn an Olympic berth.

Luge dreams live on in family of Georgian who died

01/23/2014 6:10am
The father of the Georgian luger killed during a training run at the Vancouver Olympics laments that his country will have no one competing in the luge when the games get underway next month in nearby Sochi.

US Ski team suit features national anthem theme

01/23/2014 6:31am
The competition uniforms for the U.S. alpine ski team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi will feature a national anthem-inspired theme.

US downhillers aim for Sochi Olympic squad

01/23/2014 7:40am
Julia Mancuso is setting the pace. Stacey Cook is starting to get up to cruising speed. And Leanne Smith is trying to harness her velocity.

Pistorius lawyers still negotiating settlement

01/23/2014 10:15am
An out-of-court settlement following months of negotiations between Oscar Pistorius' lawyers and representatives of the parents of his slain girlfriend could work against the Olympic athlete at his March murder trial, a legal expert said Thursday.

Lauren unveils Olympic uniforms _ made in USA

01/23/2014 10:27am
Designer Ralph Lauren's new Olympic opening ceremony uniform has lots of stars and stripes. It has lots of red, white and blue. And most importantly, it has a Made in America label.

LeBron leads USA Basketball team roster; no Kobe

01/23/2014 10:40am
With LeBron James sticking around and some of the NBA's best players joining him, the U.S. basketball team could be better than ever.

5 things to know about men's Olympic curling

01/23/2014 11:00am
With the red carpets, limousines and non-stop media glare, Brad Jacobs is discovering just what it means to be the top curler in Canada.

Women's ski jumping makes Olympic debut

01/23/2014 11:02am
Women's ski jumping will finally make its Olympic debut in Sochi _ 90 years after the men competed in the sport for the first time at the Winter Games. For the best female jumpers in the world, Feb. 11 will be a momentous day after years of fighting for the right to compete, including an unsuccessful court case to be included in Vancouver four years ago.

NBC: No Vonn for network team in Sochi

01/23/2014 2:39pm
Lindsey Vonn won't be at the Sochi Olympics to ski, and she won't be there working for NBC, either.

Speed skating part of Russia's history

01/23/2014 3:02pm
Only 16 days are left until the Olympic Games and 17 days remain before the first speed skating event.

US and Russia talk about bomb tech in Olympic prep

01/23/2014 4:36pm
The top U.S. and Russian military leaders have discussed security at the Sochi Olympics, including the possibility of sharing technologies used by American forces to counter roadside bombs, the Pentagon said Thursday.

USBSF defending Jones' selection to Olympic team

01/23/2014 7:27pm
Lolo Jones' selection to the U.S. Olympic bobsled team is being strongly defended by those who made the pick, amid growing criticism that her popularity played a role in the decision and overshadowed the results of other hopefuls.