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First lady Michelle Obama says no to mom jeans

02/28/2014 6:53am
First lady Michelle Obama has a mom dance, but she just says no to mom jeans.

Officials: Al-Qaida plots comeback in Afghanistan

02/28/2014 7:37am
Al-Qaida's Afghanistan leader is laying the groundwork to relaunch his war-shattered organization once the United States and international forces withdraw from the country, as they have warned they will do without a security agreement from the Afghan government, U.S. officials say.

USDA adds foods to moms and kids food program

02/28/2014 3:58pm
Pregnant women, mothers and children who get federal assistance with their grocery bills will now be able to buy more whole-grain foods, yogurt, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Gay marriage fight pits Texas AG vs. gay friend

02/28/2014 4:37pm
When Greg Abbott was paralyzed by a fallen tree in 1984, Mark Phariss flew 500 miles to his friend's bedside. They were law school pals who swapped stories over dinner, job leads and airport rides, and they still exchange Christmas cards today.

GAO report: Too few pilots or too little pay?

02/28/2014 7:20pm
The nation's regional airlines are having trouble hiring enough pilots, the government says, suggesting one reason may be that they simply don't pay enough.