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For Utah parents, hurdle to divorce could advance

02/25/2014 1:19am
A few nights a week in Utah, rooms in courthouses typically reserved for deliberating juries fill up with parents looking to divorce. And among the first lessons they are taught is a simple, if not emotional, one: Keep the kids out of it.

Westward shift by Ukraine would be momentous event

02/25/2014 6:51am
A firm course change in Ukraine _ westward and turning away from Moscow _ would have momentous consequences for the balance of power in Europe.

AP Exclusive: Few Army women want combat jobs

02/25/2014 7:23am
Preliminary results from a survey of the Army's nearly 170,000 women show that only a small fraction of them would like to move into one of the newly opening combat jobs. Those who do want to make the move say they want a job that takes them right into the heart of battle.