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Impasse over Arkansas Medicaid expansion drags on

02/21/2014 10:30am
Legislation continuing Arkansas' first-in-the-nation plan to use Medicaid funds to purchase insurance for the poor has failed before the state House for a fourth day in a row.

Religious freedom bill riles gay rights supporters

02/21/2014 10:44am
The Arizona Legislature gave final approval Thursday evening to legislation that allows business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays, drawing backlash from Democrats who called the proposal "state-sanctioned discrimination" and an embarrassment.

UAW appeals Volkswagen workers' rejection in Tenn.

02/21/2014 6:26pm
The United Auto Workers on Friday challenged last week's close vote by workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., that rejected the UAW's bid to represent them.