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UK to Scotland: Back independence means no pound

02/13/2014 9:43am
Scotland has been warned.

License-reader firm says new law curbs free speech

02/13/2014 11:15am
A company that makes automated license-plate readers says a new Utah law banning its products violates its First Amendment rights.

How students can avoid debit fees

02/13/2014 1:11pm
Here are some tips for college students to avoid paying fees when using a college-issued debit or prepaid card:

GAO recommends changes for student debit cards

02/13/2014 1:12pm
Small fees add up for college students using college-issued debit and prepaid cards, which are often used to draw financial aid, and congressional investigators on Thursday urged greater oversight of their use.

Rates restored for attorneys defending the poor

02/13/2014 1:30pm
The federal judiciary has restored hourly pay rates that had been reduced by $15 an hour for lawyers in private practice who accept appointments to defend indigent defendants in criminal cases.

NYC mayor defends call to police about ally arrest

02/13/2014 2:12pm
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio strongly defended a call he made to police in which he inquired about a political supporter's arrest, saying it was "appropriate" even as good government groups and a top elected official criticized the mayor's involvement.

Court: IBM broke deal, but still deserves $50M

02/13/2014 2:39pm
IBM Corp. failed to deliver its part of a deal to privatize Indiana's welfare system, but the company is still entitled to nearly $50 million in fees that the state agreed to pay, the Indiana Court of Appeals found Thursday.

Tapes: No deaths, injuries from NJ bridge traffic

02/13/2014 3:07pm
A traffic jam deliberately orchestrated by members of Gov. Chris Christie's staff that caused days of gridlock in northern New Jersey appeared not to lead to anyone's death or seriously compromise their medical care, according to a comprehensive review by The Associated Press of five hours of emergency dispatch audio, interviews and dozens of pages of call logs.

Anti-gay marriage bill wins Kan. House's approval

02/13/2014 3:16pm
Gay-rights advocates are lashing out at the Kansas House's leading Democrat, saying he showed only tepid opposition to a bill protecting people who, based on their religious beliefs, discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Institute: More digging at NKorea nuke test site

02/13/2014 4:01pm
North Korea has accelerated excavation at a site used for underground nuclear test explosions, though a test doesn't appear imminent, a U.S. research institute said Thursday.

Gay marriage supporters hail setback for Ind. ban

02/13/2014 6:23pm
Opponents of an effort to place Indiana's gay marriage ban in the state constitution won a surprising victory Thursday as the Senate effectively pushed off a statewide vote on the issue for at least two years, and possibly longer.