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A look at ideas for using state budget surpluses

01/17/2014 11:41am
Many states are projecting sizeable budget surpluses this year as a result of stronger-than-expected tax revenues. Governors and lawmakers are putting forth a variety of proposals for the extra money, including cutting taxes, increasing spending and fortifying savings accounts. Here's a look at the situation in some states.

Appeals court reverses judge on lobbyist ban

01/17/2014 1:49pm
A federal appeals court says a judge should reconsider a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's 2009 ban on federally registered lobbyists serving on government advisory boards.

California governor proclaims state in a drought

01/17/2014 2:19pm
California is nearly as dry as it's ever been. High water marks rim half-full reservoirs. Cities are rationing water. Clerics are praying for rain. Ranchers are selling cattle, and farmers are fallowing fields.

Data: Texas had most Border Patrol arrests in 2013

01/17/2014 3:53pm
Central American immigrants crossing into the United States illegally in South Texas drove an increase in Border Patrol apprehensions last year, according to data released Friday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

State surpluses spark debate on tax cuts, spending

01/17/2014 4:07pm
As legislatures return to action and governors outline their budget plans, politicians in many states are facing a pleasant election-year challenge: What to do with all the extra money?