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Correction: Holiday Toy Safety story

12/03/2013 9:11am
In a story Nov. 26 about toy safety, The Associated Press, relying on information from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, reported erroneously that toy jewelry rings that tested positive for excessive lead were purchased at Dollar General. U.S. PIRG now says the toy rings were purchased at Dollar Tree, not Dollar General.

Appeals court sides with employers on arbitration

12/03/2013 2:41pm
Employers can require their workers to sign arbitration agreements waiving all rights to class-action lawsuits over workplace grievances, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

Key details of decision over Ill. pension crisis

12/03/2013 4:35pm
After years of inaction, Illinois lawmakers have approved a historic plan to finally close the gap on the state's $100 billion public pension shortfall, which is considered the nation's worst.

Report: States more lax than feds on judge rules

12/03/2013 10:05pm
All 50 states and the District of Columbia have more lax financial disclosure rules for their high court justices than the disclosure requirements for federal judges, according to an analysis from a watchdog group.