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How the AP-NORC Center and MTV poll was conducted

11/20/2013 1:29am
A survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MTV among teens and young adults on discriminatory language and images online was conducted Sept. 27-Oct. 7 by GfK. It was based on online interviews with 1,297 teens and young adults, including 489 teens ages 14-17 and 808 young adults ages 18-24 who are members of GfK's nationally representative KnowledgePanel.

Polish finance chief fired in Cabinet reshuffle

11/20/2013 5:58am
Poland's prime minister on Wednesday fired Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski in a major government reshuffle aimed at breathing new energy into Poland's longest-serving team under democracy.

Poll: 'Just kidding' doesn't make online slurs OK

11/20/2013 12:04pm
In a shift in attitude, most young people now say it's wrong to use racist or sexist slurs online, even if you're just kidding. But when they see them, they don't take much personal offense.

What the AP has reported on troubles in nuke force

11/20/2013 12:25pm
In addition to RAND's finding of "burnout" among nuclear missile launch officers and higher rates of courts martial and other disciplinary actions in the ICBM force, The Associated Press has documented other signs of trouble:

Attitude contrast between nuclear workers, command

11/20/2013 12:28pm
At the working level, criticism of how the Air Force runs its nuclear missile groups is widespread, if not often voiced publicly. The nuclear commanders have their counterarguments. The anonymous comments came from participants, all members of the nuclear missile force, in a RAND study commissioned by the Air Force, who were allowed to air their feelings confidentially. RAND and the Air Force provided The Associated Press with the report.

Nobody home: Utah town forgets to hold election

11/20/2013 12:59pm
A tiny Utah town had to skip an election earlier this month because part-time officials forgot to advertise or prepare for it _ and it wasn't the town's first election flub.

Young people say online slurs common _ but not OK

11/20/2013 2:55pm
Most young people say they aren't very offended about the slurs and mean-spirited videos mocking overweight people or gays or blacks that they encounter on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Gov't to require seat belts on large buses

11/20/2013 3:42pm
New tour buses and buses that provide service between cities must be equipped with seat belts starting in late 2016 under a federal rule issued Wednesday, a safety measure sought by accident investigators for nearly a half century.