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Poll: Older Americans nix Social Security changes

11/04/2013 1:21am
Raise the age at which you can begin collecting full Social Security benefits? Older Americans say no. They also veto reductions in the cost-of-living increase.

White House, lawmakers: no clemency for Snowden

11/04/2013 1:30am
The White House and the leaders of the congressional intelligence committees are rejecting former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's plea for clemency.

Illinois unions hold strong despite blows to labor

11/04/2013 1:20pm
Across the middle of the country, organized labor has taken one hit after another in places that were once union strongholds: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana, where workers lost bargaining power and saw their ranks shrink, leaving them weaker than almost any time in the past century.

Pentagon cites ethics violations by security chief

11/04/2013 3:17pm
Pentagon investigators have confirmed four instances of ethics and other rule violations by the chief of Pentagon security.

Report slams US doctors involved in interrogations

11/04/2013 4:48pm
A report by a medical task force says Defense Department and CIA health professionals violated professional ethics standards by helping to develop interrogation and torture techniques and participating in force-feeding of terror suspects over the last decade.

IG: States' child care requirements too lax

11/04/2013 10:31pm
Parents with children in day care often assume workers have cleared background checks and the facility has passed unannounced inspections, but a review to be released Tuesday finds a large number of states don't have such requirements.