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Report warns of threat of loose missiles in Syria

10/11/2013 11:20am
The Syrian government's shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles and launchers could imperil civil aviation if they fall into the hands of terror groups, according to an independent report examining the global proliferation of portable missiles.

States react to Obama offer to pay to reopen parks

10/11/2013 6:17pm
Ten days after the partial shutdown of the federal government shuttered the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon and other national parks, the Obama administration has offered to let states foot the bill to reopen parks within their borders. Here's how states are reacting to the offer:

California gov. vetoes semi-automatic rifle ban

10/11/2013 6:37pm
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Friday that would have imposed the nation's toughest gun ownership restrictions on Californians, saying it was too far-reaching.