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IMF: US debt default would shake global economy

10/09/2013 9:09am
A U.S. debt default in the event that a politically divided Congress fails to raise the federal borrowing limit would imperil the entire global economic recovery, a senior International Monetary Fund official warned Wednesday.

Pentagon chief attending arrival of 4 war dead

10/09/2013 11:30am
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel traveled to Dover Air Force Base on Wednesday for the arrival of the remains of four U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

The shutdown, the debt and health care: a primer

10/09/2013 12:45pm
These are complicated times in the affairs of Washington and the nation, with death stars everywhere and all of them a struggle to comprehend. The partial government shutdown, the debt limit squeeze just around the corner, sequestration, how they fit with the health care law, how they don't _ it just goes on.

Mich. governor testifies about Detroit bankruptcy

10/09/2013 1:29pm
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder testified behind closed doors Wednesday about his role taking Detroit into bankruptcy, a rare interview with lawyers for creditors who pressed him about retiree pensions and asked if the city could have done more to avoid the historic filing.

Yellen: More needed to strengthen the recovery

10/09/2013 1:40pm
Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen says more needs to be done to strengthen the U.S. economy. She made her remarks as Obama nominated her to succeed Ben Bernanke as chair of the nation's central bank.

Shutdown delays notice of Social Security COLA

10/09/2013 2:27pm
Nearly 58 million Social Security recipients are still getting monthly benefits during the partial government shutdown. But they will have to wait to find out the size of next year's cost-of-living adjustment.