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Portugal gov't punished for austerity measures

09/30/2013 5:19am
Portuguese voters angry about austerity punished the coalition government's senior party in municipal elections, deepening doubts over whether the debt-heavy eurozone country will be able to abide by the demands of its bailout and avoid asking for further financial help.

Greek PM: Government aims to eradicate Golden Dawn

09/30/2013 10:09am
Greece's prime minister says his government is aiming to completely eradicate the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose neo-Nazi leaders have been arrested.

Netanyahu to Obama: Sanctions should stay in place

09/30/2013 11:02am
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging President Barack Obama not to let up on sanctions against Iran.

Under fire, 'Obamacare' going live _ with glitches

09/30/2013 1:53pm
Contentious from its conception, President Barack Obama's health care law has survived the Supreme Court, a battle for the White House and rounds of budget brinkmanship. Now comes the ultimate test: the verdict of the American people.

Syria says it's fighting rebels who eat human hearts

09/30/2013 2:51pm
Syria's foreign minister claimed Monday that his government is fighting a war against al-Qaida-linked militants who eat human hearts and dismember people while they are still alive, then send their limbs to family members.

Prosecutors seek dismissal of case against guard

09/30/2013 2:56pm
Prosecutors are seeking dismissal of charges against a former Blackwater Worldwide security contractor accused in a 2007 shooting of Iraqi civilians.

Myanmar: Nationwide cease-fire to be signed soon

09/30/2013 3:20pm
Myanmar says it expects to soon sign a nationwide cease-fire with ethnic armed groups that have been fighting for decades for greater autonomy.

UN reports refugees from Congo war swelling

09/30/2013 3:48pm
A new U.N. report says the number of refugees fleeing the war in Congo swelled by more than 350,000 in just the past few months as fighting escalated, pushing the number of people uprooted in the long-running conflict to 3 million.

UN Security Council demanding aid access in Syria

09/30/2013 4:58pm
The president of the U.N. Security Council said Monday that many members are pressing to follow up on last week's resolution to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons with a demand that the government allow immediate access for desperately needed humanitarian aid.

What's changing, what's not, in a shutdown

09/30/2013 9:59pm
Campers in national parks are to pull up stakes and leave, some veterans waiting to have disability benefits approved will have to cool their heels even longer, many routine food inspections will be suspended and panda-cams will go dark at the shuttered National Zoo.

Should founders share blame for budget gridlock?

09/30/2013 10:03pm
OK, gridlocked politicians we're used to. But why padlock the Statue of Liberty?