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Census: No sign of economic rebound for many in US

09/19/2013 11:13am
Even as the economy shows signs of improvement and poverty levels off, new U.S. census data suggests the gains are halting and uneven. Depending on education, race, income and even marriage, not all segments of the population are seeing an economic turnaround.

Iran's Rouhani: People should be 'completely free'

09/19/2013 1:36pm
Iranian President Hasan Rouhani says his people should be free to think, speak and seek information on the Internet, subject to "the protection of our national identity."

IMF urges US to break budget stalemate

09/19/2013 2:48pm
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde urged the U.S. on Thursday not to "put a brake on this beginning of recovery" by failing to resolve an impasse over the budget and cutting back government spending too deeply.

US welcomes Myanmar signing nuclear agreement

09/19/2013 3:46pm
The United States on Thursday welcomed Myanmar's signing of an agreement with the U.N. atomic watchdog that will require it to declare any nuclear activities and allow inspections _ the latest step by the former pariah nation toward openness.

World Bank: Lebanon's economy ravaged by Syria

09/19/2013 4:11pm
Spillover from the Syrian war has cost neighboring Lebanon billions of dollars, deeply damaged its economy and harshly strained social services such as health, education and electricity, according to a new report by the World Bank.

Postmaster says USPS may need emergency rate hike

09/19/2013 8:21pm
Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said Thursday his agency is in "the midst of a financial disaster" and may need an emergency increase in postage rates to keep operating.