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Labs seeking sarin chemical signature: 99-125-81

09/06/2013 5:32am
Three simple numbers will prove whether sarin was used to gas Syrians last month: 99-125-81.

Russia to keep helping Syria if it's attacked

09/06/2013 9:45am
President Vladimir Putin says Russia will continue helping Syria even if it comes under attack.

4 dead whales wash ashore on Ghana's coastlines

09/06/2013 2:23pm
Environmental officials in the West African nation of Ghana have denied a link between offshore oil production and four dead whales that have washed ashore in recent days.

FBI, DHS: No specific threat to 9/11 anniversary

09/06/2013 4:18pm
The government is aware of no credible or specific information that points to any terror plot tied to the anniversary of the September 2001 attacks, according to a new confidential threat assessment from the FBI and Homeland Security Department obtained by The Associated Press.