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Bangladesh defends arrest of prominent activist

09/05/2013 3:56pm
A prominent Bangladeshi human rights activist whose arrest last month drew U.S. criticism must be held accountable for circulating "false information" about fatalities during recent unrest, the top Bangladeshi diplomat said Thursday.

Report: Catch limits boost depleted fish stocks

09/05/2013 4:34pm
Federal efforts to rebuild depleted fish populations have largely been successful, but pressure to overfish some species remains high, and some fish stocks have not rebounded as quickly as projected, according to a new report by a scientific panel.

Counties ask NM high court to decide gay marriage

09/05/2013 5:33pm
New Mexico's 33 counties asked the state's highest court Thursday to decide whether gay marriage is legal in the state and to stop the spread of lawsuits that have forced some county officials to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Former Sen John Ensign opens Vegas animal hospital

09/05/2013 5:39pm
Two years after resigning from Congress amid an ethics probe involving his affair with a former campaign staffer, former U.S. Sen. John Ensign of Nevada is opening a luxury animal hospital in Las Vegas.

Report: US military cracked most online encryption

09/05/2013 5:43pm
The National Security Agency, working with the British government, has secretly been unraveling encryption technology that billions of Internet users rely upon to keep their electronic messages and confidential data safe from prying eyes, according to published reports Thursday based on internal U.S. government documents.