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Study: Most states lack disaster plans for kids

09/04/2013 1:41am
Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, most states still don't require four basic safety plans to protect children in school and child care from disasters, aid group Save the Children said in a report released Wednesday.

Burkina committee stands by controversial Senate

09/04/2013 9:46am
Despite large-scale protests against Burkina Faso's proposed new senate, a committee charged with reviewing the plan for the new legislative body concluded that the government should go ahead.

IMF approves $6.7 billion loan for Pakistan

09/04/2013 11:40am
The International Monetary Fund approved a $6.7 billion loan for Pakistan on Wednesday in an effort to help the strategic country stave off an economic crisis.

General: 'conditions are set' to win Afghan war

09/04/2013 12:48pm
The No. 2 American commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday he believes the stage has been set for winning the war, but hard fighting lies ahead for Afghan forces now suffering heavy casualties.

Mayor invites Illinois gay couples to wed in Minn.

09/04/2013 3:43pm
With all of Illinois' financial woes, residents have grown accustomed to politicians from other states trying to raid its companies, jobs and best workers.

Education chief: Maybe start school later in day

09/04/2013 4:03pm
A later start to the school day could help teenagers get the most from their classroom time and local districts should consider delaying the first bell, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Wednesday.

IMF says dynamics of global growth shifting

09/04/2013 4:27pm
The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday that it sees the dynamics of global growth shifting, with the major economies strengthening while developing countries slow.

Gay rights ordinance in Texas draws GOP objections

09/04/2013 4:39pm
Gay rights victories in Texas haven't come at the Capitol but at city hall. While nondiscrimination bills in the Legislature languish, Houston has a lesbian mayor and Austin offers health benefits for same-sex couples.

APNewsBreak: Early look at health law's premiums

09/04/2013 4:42pm
The No. 1 question about President Barack Obama's health care law is whether consumers will be able to afford the coverage. Now the answer is coming in.