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The life aquatic: 25 amazing underwater photos from around the world

06/19/2014 10:47am
It's said that the ocean is like space: Vast and filled with life, most of which we have yet to discover. The aquatic frontier captivates those who dare to explore its depths, by offering a new realm filled with color and mystery.

5 close-to-home fishing holes in Utah

06/19/2014 2:29pm
Fishing is the pastime of many Utahns — and for good reason. There are many great fishing holes throughout the state. If you want one close to home for a quick fishing trip, here are several within 30 minutes of civilization.

Radio-equipped rattlesnakes provide data on 'a beautiful animal'

06/19/2014 10:23pm
For five years, a science partnership between BYU and the National Park Service has been collecting data on the behavior and travels of rattlesnakes. Researchers say the snakes often get a bad rap and that people ought to appreciate them more.