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Bountiful businessman receives unbelievable gift from stranger

08/21/2014 7:55am
A Bountiful man trying to make a living was surprised by the gift from a stranger to help him with his work.

Stranger surprises sick 7-year-old with therapy horse

08/21/2014 9:16am
A mom reached out to strangers to ask for pictures of horses to cheer her ailing daughter and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of gifts from all over the world, including her very own horse.

Teen with rare growth-inducing tumor recovers after surgery

08/21/2014 9:59am
After a 6 feet 6 inches tall, 16-year-old had surgery to remove a rare tumor, a Hurricane community planned a benefit raffle and concert to help with medical costs.

Starbucks pay-it-forward lasts 11 hours

08/21/2014 6:04pm
A Starbucks in Florida kept a pay-it-forward going for 11 hours on Wednesday.

For one girl, the ice bucket challenge takes on a whole new meaning

08/21/2014 9:03pm
Snow College rallied around a sophomore recently diagnosed with ALS.