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Formerly conjoined twins thriving, released from hospital

04/25/2014 10:42am
A pair of formerly conjoined twins were released from the hospital and felt the sun on their face for the first time last week after more than eight months of intensive therapy following their separation surgery.

Progress made, a long way to go to end racism

04/25/2014 7:43pm
As the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, community leaders reminded Utahns Friday that standing up against racism and discrimination is a work in progress.

Young girl loses leg, gains support of community

04/25/2014 10:03pm
A young girl from Springville had her leg amputated three weeks ago and is adjusting to life on one leg. Her community rallied around her and held a walk-a-thon in her honor. Paralympian Keith Gabel heard about it and went as her guest.