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Benefits debate is first volley of election year

01/08/2014 7:46am
The struggle in Washington over whether to renew expired jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed is as much about providing aid to 1.3 million out-of-work Americans as it is about drawing the first political line of an election year.

Rubio pushing reform agenda to tackle poverty

01/08/2014 1:30pm
Sen. Marco Rubio says the nation needs a new reform agenda to help the poorest Americans find work and help their families climb out of poverty.

Florida Rep. Radel apologizes to GOP colleagues

01/08/2014 2:08pm
House aides say a Florida congressman who pleaded guilty to cocaine possession has apologized to his Republican colleagues.

House swears in new GOP congressman from Alabama

01/08/2014 2:19pm
Alabama Republican Bradley Byrne was sworn into the House of Representatives on Wednesday after winning a contentious Republican primary that pitted business groups against the tea party.