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McCain: Partisanship in DC is worst he has seen

09/27/2013 5:28am
Staring at the specter of a partial government shutdown, Sen. John McCain says he's never seen anything like the harsh partisanship pervading much of Washington politics.

Senate kills effort to derail budget bill

09/27/2013 10:58am
The Senate has rejected an effort by young conservative senators to block a bill to avert a government shutdown on Tuesday.

Senate blocks effort to strip Obamacare of funding

09/27/2013 11:45am
The Democratic-led Senate has blocked an effort to strip money from the president's health care law.

NSA watchdog details surveillance misuse

09/27/2013 11:53am
Some workers at the National Security Agency intentionally misused the government's secret surveillance systems at least 12 times over the past decade, including instances when they spied on spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, according to embarrassing new details disclosed by the agency's inspector general. In nearly every case, the workers were allowed to retire before they could be punished.

Senate seeks to reverse law on engineered crops

09/27/2013 2:03pm
The Senate is seeking to reverse a controversial law that allows farmers to harvest genetically modified crops even when the crops are caught up in legal battles.

Shutdown looming: Weekend showdown at the Capitol

09/27/2013 3:24pm
Time running short, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed urgent legislation Friday to avert a government shutdown early next week, and President Barack Obama lectured House Republicans to stop "appeasing the tea party" and quickly follow suit.

Fellow Republicans skip encore of Cruz-Lee show

09/27/2013 4:31pm
Some tried yelling. Others tried shaming. But by the time tea party freshmen Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee spoke on the chamber floor again Friday, other Republican senators had settled on ignoring them.