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Highlights of twin fiscal deadlines facing govt

09/25/2013 1:28am
Separate legislation must be passed as the federal government faces two fiscal deadlines this fall. A stopgap spending bill would prevent a partial government shutdown, and a different bill would allow the government to borrow more money. Where those measures stand:

The longest US Senate filibusters

09/25/2013 10:48am
The longest U.S. Senate filibusters since 1900, when the Senate began keeping precise records, the senators who spoke for hours on end, the issues and the years:

Why you should care about latest govt budget fight

09/25/2013 12:06pm
You've heard it all before.

'Cruz effect' further empowering Texas grass roots

09/25/2013 2:12pm
Ted Cruz's talkathon on the U.S. Senate floor had no hope of legislative success and boiled down to largely political performance art. But in Texas, the combative style his 21-hour speech demonstrated could be transformative.

Scalia expects NSA program to end up in court

09/25/2013 4:39pm
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Wednesday that the courts ultimately will have to determine the legality of surveillance programs by the National Security Agency.

Anti-shutdown bill advances; big fight still looms

09/25/2013 6:23pm
Unanimous but far from united, the Senate advanced legislation to prevent a partial government shutdown on Wednesday, the 100-0 vote certain to mark merely a brief pause in a fierce partisan struggle over the future of President Barack Obama's signature health care law.