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Here's the truth: The government doesn't shut down

09/20/2013 7:51am
Here's the truth about a government "shutdown." The government doesn't shut down.

House backs bill to boost logging in nat'l forests

09/20/2013 1:03pm
The Republican-controlled House Friday approved a bill to sharply increase logging in national forests _ a measure the GOP said would create jobs in rural communities and help reduce wildfires that have devastated the West.

House GOP may add budget cuts to debt limit bill

09/20/2013 2:50pm
House Republicans are considering demanding Medicare and other budget savings, reining in the Obama administration's environmental agenda including greenhouse gas restrictions, and other proposals as the price for extending the government's ability to borrow money, GOP lawmakers and aides said Friday.

GOP House: Keep government open, hit 'Obamacare'

09/20/2013 5:36pm
Charting a collision course with the White House, the Republican-controlled House approved legislation Friday to wipe out the 3-year-old health care law that President Barack Obama has vowed to preserve _ and simultaneously prevent a partial government shutdown that neither party claims to want.