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Emboldened House GOP presses fight on 'Obamacare'

09/19/2013 1:13am
Emboldened conservatives who forced House Republican leaders to push a stopgap spending bill that unravels President Barack Obama's health care law are digging in for a long fight, determined to stop "Obamacare" before the first individual signs up in less than two weeks.

McCain slams Putin in opinion piece for website

09/19/2013 9:08am
Republican Sen. John McCain insisted he is "more pro-Russian" than President Vladimir Putin, accusing Putin of corruption, repression and self-serving rule in an opinion piece for a Russian news website answering the Russian leader's broadside last week in The New York Times.

DeLay thanks God for acquittal of money laundering

09/19/2013 10:44am
Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay says he thanks God for his acquittal on money laundering charges, calling the prosecution, "an outrageous criminalization of politics."

Boehner: Obama bargains with Putin, not Congress

09/19/2013 1:05pm
House Speaker John Boehner is criticizing President Barack Obama for negotiating with Russian President Vladimir Putin _ but not with Congress.

House GOP grills Pickering, Mullen on Benghazi

09/19/2013 1:41pm
House Republicans investigating last year's deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, badgered a former U.N. ambassador and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Thursday over their review of the Obama administration's handling of the matter.