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Nuke test scores fell flat during alleged cheating

02/22/2014 12:36pm
Last summer, when dozens of nuclear missile officers allegedly cheated on exams, test scores were among the lowest of the year, according to Air Force records obtained by The Associated Press. That is the opposite of what might be expected if answers were being shared as widely as officials allege.

Holder salutes 'landmark' arrest of drug chief

02/22/2014 2:38pm
Attorney General Eric Holder says the capture in Mexico of the world's most-wanted drug lord is a "landmark achievement."

Official: Homeland Security helped in drug arrest

02/22/2014 3:05pm
A federal law enforcement official says intelligence from a Homeland Security Department investigation helped lead U.S. and Mexican authorities to Mexico's most wanted drug dealer.

AG thanks DEA for role in Mexican cartel arrest

02/22/2014 5:23pm
Attorney General Eric Holder is personally thanking the Drug Enforcement Administration for its role in Saturday morning's arrest of Mexico's most-wanted drug trafficker.