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Timeline of key events in Syrian uprising

09/04/2013 10:36am
A timeline of some key events in the Syrian uprising:

Kerry makes case to House for action in Syria

09/04/2013 12:13pm
Secretary of State John Kerry says that when chemical weapons were used in Syria last spring, President Obama did not have a "compelling" enough case to push for a U.S. military response.

Education chief: Maybe start school later in day

09/04/2013 3:12pm
A later start to the school day could help teenagers get the most from their classroom time and local districts should consider delaying the first bell, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Wednesday.

US spies missed signs of Aug. 21 Syrian WMD Strike

09/04/2013 3:19pm
U.S. intelligence agencies did not detect the Syrian regime readying a massive chemical weapons attack in the days ahead of the strike, only piecing together what had happened after the fact, U.S. officials say.

Many vets' caregivers cut out from federal benefit

09/04/2013 4:15pm
John Thomas Doody was in a coma and on a ventilator, but his mom refused to follow a doctor's advice and put the Iraq war veteran in a nursing home.

Feds won't enforce same-sex veterans law

09/04/2013 5:20pm
The Obama administration said Wednesday it will stop enforcing a law that blocks benefits to partners of military veterans in same-sex marriages.