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WikiLeaks on Manning verdict: 'Extremism'

07/31/2013 1:19am
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange branded Pfc. Bradley Manning's espionage conviction an episode of "national security extremism" while other supporters expressed relief that he was acquitted of the most serious charge. Among Manning's critics, House intelligence officials said justice was served.

US pursuit of leakers aided by Manning verdict

07/31/2013 1:22am
The successful prosecution of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning gives a boost to the Obama administration's aggressive pursuit of people it believes have leaked national security secrets to the media.

NSA phone spying document declassified

07/31/2013 7:45am
The Obama administration is declassifying documents about its telephone spying program to try to tamp down congressional opposition to domestic surveillance.

Leahy, NSA clash over number of thwarted plots

07/31/2013 8:05am
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy and the Obama administration are clashing over how many terrorist plots might have been thwarted through the secret collection of Americans' phone records since 2006.

US ups duration of non-immigrant visas for Cubans

07/31/2013 12:14pm
The Obama administration announced Wednesday it is extending the duration of non-immigrant visas for Cuban travelers from six months to five years, two weeks after officials from the two countries resumed long-stalled migration talks.

Holder testimony called deceptive by Republicans

07/31/2013 5:40pm
A House Republican committee report concludes that Attorney General Eric Holder gave deceptive and misleading testimony in May when he told Congress he had never been involved in a potential prosecution of members of the news media.