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Will 'zero option' in Afghanistan cause chaos?

03/01/2014 2:07am
If President Barack Obama were to decide to leave no military advisory force in Afghanistan next year, would Afghan security unravel to the point of enabling a civil war, a Taliban takeover and a return of al-Qaida in such numbers as to pose a 9/11-type threat?

Text of Obama's comments on Ukraine

03/01/2014 2:20am
Text of President Barack Obama's comments Friday on the political crisis in Ukraine:

Obama challenges Congress to help create jobs

03/01/2014 4:02am
President Barack Obama is challenging Congress to help him create jobs and rebuild the nation's infrastructure.

For Obama, an election-year budget without drama

03/01/2014 11:44am
Six years into his presidency, President Barack Obama is sending Congress a budget that for once does not herald a partisan legislative showdown.

Analysis: Limited US, European options in Ukraine

03/01/2014 3:40pm
Despite blunt warnings about costs and consequences, President Barack Obama and European leaders have limited options for retaliating against Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, the former Soviet republic now at the center of an emerging conflict between East and West.

Obama to push minimum wage Wednesday in Conn.

03/01/2014 4:16pm
Striving to show momentum on a top legislative priority, President Barack Obama is appearing next week with Northeastern governors who back his push to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and will pledge to lift the earnings of the lowest-paid workers in their states to at least the same level.

Clinton advisers sought to soften her image

03/01/2014 6:26pm
Hillary Rodham Clinton's advisers sought to "humanize" what they saw as her stern, defensive public image during her husband's White House days and as she embarked on her groundbreaking Senate campaign in New York.