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As Syria threat expands, Obama mulls options

02/19/2014 1:27am
For the United States, Syria's civil war is threatening to start hitting closer to home.

Trade bills divide Obama, fellow Dems

02/19/2014 1:31am
The White House says it will continue to press Congress for "fast track" authority to speed approval of trade deals even as election-year politics makes the task harder.

Obama in Mexico to meet with N. American leaders

02/19/2014 11:34am
President Barack Obama headed into a summit Wednesday with Mexican and Canadian leaders eager to engage on issues of trade and other neighbor-to-neighbor interests, even as Congress is pushing back against some of his top cross-border agenda items.

Obama threatens consequences for Ukraine violence

02/19/2014 12:24pm
President Barack Obama says "there will be consequences" for violence in Ukraine if people step over the line.

Obama, Turkish leader discuss Mideast conflicts

02/19/2014 4:57pm
The White House says President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (REH'-jehp TY'-ihp UR'-doh-wahn) have discussed Mideast conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Israel.

Biden: Health care sign-ups may fall short of goal

02/19/2014 6:09pm
Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that it would be a good start for the federal health care law if 5 million to 6 million people sign up by the end of March, an acknowledgement that enrollments might fall significantly short of the Obama administration's unofficial goal of 7 million.

Obama condemns violence in Ukraine and Venezuela

02/19/2014 6:55pm
President Barack Obama says the U.S. strongly condemns violence taking place in Venezuela and Ukraine.

Obama defends US process on Keystone XL

02/19/2014 7:11pm
President Barack Obama is defending the lengthy process the U.S. is using to decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama: Violent clashes not 'Cold War chessboard'

02/19/2014 7:20pm
President Barack Obama says he doesn't see violent clashes in Ukraine and Syria between the governments and their people as part of a "Cold War chessboard" where the United States competes with Russia.

Obama threatens consequences for Ukraine violence

02/19/2014 7:50pm
President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged Ukraine to avoid violence against peaceful protesters or face consequences, as the United States considered joining European partners to impose sanctions aimed at ending deadly street clashes that are sparking fears of civil war.

Obama pressed by neighbors on sensitive issues

02/19/2014 8:26pm
Pressed by North American allies on an array of politically fraught issues, President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed to press ahead with stalled efforts to expand trade agreements for the Americas into Asia and overhaul fractured U.S. immigration laws. But Obama made no promises to frustrated Canadian leaders about his long-anticipated decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.