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Wounded war hero is State of Union high point

01/29/2014 1:06am
Wounded veteran Cory Remsburg had met President Barack Obama three times before Tuesday night_ once in France and twice since a roadside bomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on his 10th deployment. Number four was at Obama's State of the Union address, when the Army Ranger inspired the emotional high point of the evening.

Reaction to Obama's State of the Union address

01/29/2014 1:08am
Reaction to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address:

Text of Obama's State of the Union address

01/29/2014 1:10am
Text of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, as delivered and provided by the White House:

Tension in Democratic Party after Obama speech

01/29/2014 1:22am
Tensions within the Democratic Party were on display in the living rooms of Massachusetts, where liberal activists watched President Barack Obama's State of the Union address with skepticism.

Americans react to Obama's address to nation

01/29/2014 1:54am
President Barack Obama used his State of the Union address to make his pitch that the nation must address persistent problems, from unemployment to immigration to the gap between rich and poor.

Biden says he could be president, 'in my heart'

01/29/2014 6:16am
Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that "in my heart" he could be a good president.

Republicans say Obama can't do much without them

01/29/2014 6:57am
Congressional Republicans swiftly and sharply rejected President Barack Obama's vow to act on his own if lawmakers won't help him create jobs and narrow the nation's yawning income gap, insisting he'll accomplish little in a divided government without them.

Q&A about Obama's push to raise minimum wage

01/29/2014 7:09am
Relatively few Americans _ less than 5 percent of hourly workers _ toil for the minimum wage today.

Highlights from Obama's State of the Union address

01/29/2014 7:57am
President Barack Obama urged Congress to help restore opportunity for Americans but pledged to take action himself Tuesday in his fifth State of the Union address before Congress. Some highlights from Obama's economic and other proposals:

Wage hike for federal contract workers limited

01/29/2014 9:20am
President Barack Obama's plan to raise the minimum wage for federally contracted workers is winning praise from unions and labor activists, but it could take a year or more before any hikes take place and the impact may not be as widespread as some advocates had hoped.

FACT CHECK: Obama and Medicare premiums

01/29/2014 1:20pm
It seems to be something of an occupational hazard for President Barack Obama: When he talks about his health care law, he's bound to hit a fact bump sooner or later.

Obama executive omissions leave some allies angry

01/29/2014 2:43pm
For some White House allies, the long list of executive actions President Barack Obama announced in his State of the Union address was marred by a few glaring omissions.

5 Things to know about executive orders

01/29/2014 3:09pm
President Barack Obama has a new go-it-alone strategy: When Congress blocks his way, the president says he plans to act on his own more often. (He's already done it quite a bit.) Five things to know about executive orders and other presidential edicts:

Tax credit proposal has a bipartisan chance

01/29/2014 4:08pm
In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama gave a shout out to House Speaker John Boehner, hailing him as the successful son of a saloon keeper. It brought the house down. Less noticed, but perhaps more significant, was his hat tip to Sen. Marco Rubio, singling out the Florida Republican's support for expanding tax benefits for low-income workers.

Obama pledges support amid California drought

01/29/2014 5:46pm
President Barack Obama is telling California's governor that the federal government will do what's necessary to help with a historic drought afflicting the state.