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Obama criticizes 'sensational' exposure of spying

01/17/2014 9:43am
President Barack Obama says former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden's "sensational" revelations of classified spying programs could impact U.S. operations for years to come.

Obama says foreign countries rely on NSA data

01/17/2014 10:01am
President Barack Obama says some of the foreign governments most loudly criticizing the National Security Agency's spying programs are relying on the data themselves.

Obama visits with DOJ employees after NSA speech

01/17/2014 11:15am
President Barack Obama says Justice Department employees often don't get credit for the challenging and back-breaking work they do.

Pro-Obama group raises $26 million in first year

01/17/2014 1:44pm
A nonprofit group promoting President Barack Obama's agenda raised more $26.3 million in its first year of existence.

Obama's proposed changes to NSA spy programs

01/17/2014 1:47pm
President Barack Obama is calling for major changes to the way the U.S. intelligence community collects and stores information about people in the U.S. and abroad, in the wake of disclosures that have sparked fury over sweeping government surveillance and stoked concerns about privacy.

What they're saying about Obama's NSA speech

01/17/2014 2:51pm
Reaction from lawmakers, privacy groups, foreign leaders, industry and the intelligence community to President Barack Obama's proposals to change the way U.S. intelligence agencies collect information:

Obama signs $1.1 trillion government spending bill

01/17/2014 4:26pm
President Barack Obama on Friday signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that funds the federal government through the end of September.