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Obama names China envoy, economic ties in mind

12/21/2013 1:22am
The nomination of veteran Sen. Max Baucus as U.S. ambassador to China reflects the importance to Washington of advancing the economic relationship with the Asian power despite recent strains on security issues.

Obama focuses on a tough year's ups, not its downs

12/21/2013 1:22am
Has the fifth year of his presidency been its worst? President Barack Obama laughs off such questions even as he acknowledges many months of frustrating ups and down.

Obama hints at changing phone records collection

12/21/2013 11:51am
President Barack Obama suggested Friday that he may be ready to make some changes in the bulk collection of Americans' phone records to allay the public's concern about privacy.

Obama stresses economic issues in China envoy pick

12/21/2013 12:01pm
Making Sen. Max Baucus the next ambassador to China reflects the importance the U.S. places on advancing its economic relationship with Beijing despite recent strains on security issues.

In Hawaii, Obama tries for uninterrupted vacation

12/21/2013 6:22pm
An ocean away from Washington worries, President Barack Obama opened his annual Hawaii vacation Saturday on a quiet note _ and hoped it would stay that way for the next two weeks.