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Biden signs Mandela condolence book at embassy

12/09/2013 8:43am
Vice President Joe Biden is honoring the memory of former South African President and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela by signing a condolence book at the South African Embassy.

Biden calls Ukraine leader, urges halt to violence

12/09/2013 12:46pm
Vice President Joe Biden has urged Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (yah-noo-KOH'-vich) to defuse escalating tensions in Kiev, where protesters and riot police squared off in the biggest of three weeks of demonstrations.

As student, Obama drew inspiration from Mandela

12/09/2013 2:15pm
The comparisons are perhaps inevitable. President Barack Obama and former South African leader Nelson Mandela each served as their nation's first black president, living symbols of struggles to overcome deep-seated racial tensions. Each was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

High-powered traveling companions on Air Force One

12/09/2013 2:44pm
As Air Force One made its way from Washington to Johannesburg Monday, a president, a former president and a possible future president were all traveling aboard.

Obama urges calm in Central African Republic

12/09/2013 5:03pm
President Barack Obama is urging the people of the Central African Republic to remain calm amid mounting sectarian violence.