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Obama: To honor victims, we 'have to change'

09/23/2013 5:34am
President Barack Obama memorialized the victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting as patriots but also individuals _ one with a talent for fixing cars, another who coached softball and yet another who loved hockey and her cats.

Obama opens UN talks with diplomatic opportunities

09/23/2013 6:24am
President Barack Obama opens meetings at the United Nations with diplomatic opportunities on three vexing issues: Iran's disputed nuclear program, Syria's chemical weapons use, and elusive peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Obama endorses de Blasio for NYC mayor

09/23/2013 3:02pm
President Barack Obama endorsed fellow Democrat Bill de Blasio on Monday in the race for New York City mayor.

Obama asks countries to help civil society groups

09/23/2013 3:19pm
President Barack Obama is challenging other countries to do more to help groups aimed at improving society carry out their work.

Obama says Kenyan mall attack a 'terrible outrage'

09/23/2013 3:26pm
President Barack Obama says the United States stands with Kenya against the "terrible outrage" of a shopping mall terrorist attack.

Obama, Nigerian president agree on anti-terrorism

09/23/2013 5:03pm
The White House says President Barack Obama and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan have reaffirmed their commitment to fighting terrorism, including ending an insurgency in northern Nigeria.

Obama hasn't smoked in years, 'scared of my wife'

09/23/2013 5:06pm
President Barack Obama says he hasn't had a smoke in years _ thanks in no small part to first lady Michelle Obama.