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Dahlan, exiled Palestinian leader, builds comeback

02/28/2014 3:27am
Fueled by millions in Gulf aid dollars that are his to distribute, an exiled Palestinian operative seems to be orchestrating a comeback that could position him as a potential successor to aging Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Lebanon prosecutor wants hard-line cleric executed

02/28/2014 3:53pm
A Lebanese military prosecutor has charged a hard-line Sunni cleric with being involved in a deadly shootout with government troops and killing of soldiers, demanding he face the death penalty.

From Riyadh to Beirut, fear of Syria blowback

02/28/2014 3:58pm
The once-tranquil, religiously mixed village of Bisariyeh is seething: Two of its young men who fought alongside the rebels in Syria recently returned home radicalized and staged suicide bombings in Lebanon.