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Jordan museum displays unique vehicles

02/19/2014 2:35am
On a hilltop of the Jordanian capital, a museum with some of the world's most unique cars and motorbikes recounts a century of the ruling Hashemite dynasty's elegant lifestyle.

Iran leader unveils 'economy of resistance'

02/19/2014 3:19am
Iran's top leader ordered the government Wednesday to create an "economy of resistance" to counter sanctions imposed over Tehran's nuclear program.

Moroccan journalist ready to replace banned site

02/19/2014 8:46am
A prominent Moroccan editor known for his taboo-breaking coverage said Wednesday he is ready to start another news website to replace the one blocked by authorities.

Rights group: Saudis deport 12,000 Somalis

02/19/2014 8:52am
Saudi Arabian authorities have deported more than 12,000 migrants held under "appalling conditions" back to their native Somalia, where many now face life-threatening situations, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

US senators condemn blasts in Beirut

02/19/2014 10:50am
Two visiting U.S. senators condemned a double suicide bombing that ripped through a Shiite stronghold of the Lebanese capital Wednesday, saying they were concerned about the spillover effects of Syria's civil war.

Israel begins sending African migrants to Uganda

02/19/2014 1:11pm
Israel has begun sending dozens of African migrants to Uganda, an Israeli official said Wednesday, a move that has sparked concerns that they are being coerced into going to a country that may not keep them safe.

Egypt raises police pay as labor unrest spikes

02/19/2014 1:38pm
Egypt's interim president ordered a pay raise for police on Wednesday, after some of their forces joined factory workers, doctors and pharmacists increasingly on strike over the past month.

Saving dying lake is priority for Iranian leader

02/19/2014 1:48pm
The first cabinet decision made under Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, wasn't about how to resolve his country's nuclear dispute with world powers. It was about how to keep the nation's largest lake from disappearing.