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Saudi Arabia reports 1 more death from new virus

02/17/2014 12:02am
Saudi Arabia says a Saudi man has died from a new respiratory virus related to SARS, bringing to 60 the number of deaths in the kingdom at the center of the outbreak.

Army: Jordan patrol shoots infiltrator from Syria

02/17/2014 2:38am
A Jordanian army spokesman says border patrols have shot and killed a gunman who opened fire at them as he and three others tried to cross in from Syria.

Iran says may send forces into Pakistan territory

02/17/2014 4:38am
Tehran's interior minister has warned Pakistan that Iranian forces may enter Pakistani and Afghan territory to released border guards seized by a rebel group.

Hamas arrests top member over financial suspicions

02/17/2014 4:45am
A Hamas official says the Palestinian Islamist group has arrested one of its senior members over suspected financial misdealings.

Iran's leader doubts nuclear talks will succeed

02/17/2014 7:39am
Iran's top leader said Monday that he doubts talks aimed at sealing a final deal between Tehran and Western powers over the Islamic Republic's disputed nuclear program will succeed, a day before the negotiations begin.

Correction: Bahrain story

02/17/2014 9:39am
In a Feb. 16 story about Bahrain, The Associated Press reported erroneously the last name of the lawyer. His correct name is Mohammed al-Wasti, not Mohammed al-Attiyah.

Kerry to see Palestinian leader in Paris

02/17/2014 10:25am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Paris this week to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to continue his push for an outline for an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.

Finance minister calls status quo threat to Israel

02/17/2014 11:07am
Israel's finance minister made a passionate plea for peace Monday, saying his country must do everything in its power to reach an accord with the Palestinians since the current situation posed a "threat to the future of the state of Israel."

Israel's Netanyahu calls boycotters 'anti-Semites'

02/17/2014 1:33pm
It is time Israel fought back against those who boycott the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, dubbing them "anti-Semites."