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Israeli civil rights pioneer Shulamit Aloni dies

01/24/2014 4:02am
Shulamit Aloni, an Israeli legislator who championed civil rights and was fiercely critical of Israel's treatment of Palestinians, died on Friday. She was 85.

Afghan ex-minister escapes assassination attempt

01/24/2014 4:09am
An influential former Afghan warlord who served as water and energy minister in a previous administration narrowly escaped an assassination attempt Friday in the country's western Herat province, a police spokesman said.

Tunisia set for final vote on new constitution

01/24/2014 10:39am
Tunisia's Constitutional Assembly will take a final vote on the newly drafted constitution on Saturday, the body's spokesman said.

Israel warns of growing jihadi threat from Syria

01/24/2014 1:11pm
A sharp increase in the number of al-Qaida linked fighters joining the fight against President Bashar Assad in Syria is threatening to spill over the borders and prompting the Jewish state to re-evaluate its policy of neutrality in the civil war next door, a senior Israeli intelligence official warned on Friday.