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Jewish group says UNESCO exhibit salvaged

01/23/2014 6:15am
The head of a Jewish American organization says he has finalized a deal with the U.N. cultural agency to stage an exhibit about the Jewish connection to the Holy Land, days after Arab objections nearly derailed the project.

Rights group says Dubai event abruptly cancelled

01/23/2014 7:34am
A leading rights watchdog said a Dubai news conference Thursday on human rights issues in the United Arab Emirates was abruptly cancelled, a move it alleges underscores threats to freedom of expression in the Gulf nation.

Eyeing investment, Iran shows off its gas sites

01/23/2014 9:32am
Weathered Iranian workers toil in a labyrinth of snaking pipelines, storage tanks and workshops as gas flares burn brightly in the sky off the northern coast of the Persian Gulf. Dozens of oil tankers idle in the distance.