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Desert gives al-Qaida refuge after Mali defeat

01/19/2014 2:39am
Swathed in a white turban and robes, Eissa Abdel Majid sits in his militia barracks on the edge of the desert describing a losing battle to stem the flow of armed militants with suspected links to al-Qaida _ who use it as a freeway across northern Africa.

Israel ends gas mask distribution to public

01/19/2014 7:58am
Israel has decided to stop issuing gas masks to the public after concluding the threat of chemical attack is low.

UAE plans mandatory military service for males

01/19/2014 10:59am
The United Arab Emirates has begun the process of imposing mandatory military service for adult males to add "another layer to the national defense force," the country's prime minister announced Sunday.

Rights group: Law failing to protect child brides

01/19/2014 11:16am
Cultural traditions and a lack of legal protections are driving tens of millions of girls around the world into early marriage, subjecting them to violence, poverty and mistreatment, an international human rights group says.

Israeli company to unveil laser defense

01/19/2014 11:48am
A state-owned Israeli arms company says it will unveil a new laser-defense system next month that will be capable of shooting down short-range rockets and mortar fire.

Egypt: Former official under fire for US comments

01/19/2014 1:42pm
A former Egyptian lawmaker who threatened on a popular TV show that Americans would be "slaughtered in their homes" if an attempt is made on the life of the country's military chief recanted on Sunday, saying his comments were misconstrued.

Analysis: Egypt vote muddies political outlook

01/19/2014 3:03pm
For all the self-congratulatory headlines in Egypt's pro-military media, the results of last week's constitutional referendum may have fallen short of the emphatic popular mandate the nation's military chief was looking for before announcing his presidential run.