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US pledges additional $380m for Syria war victims

01/15/2014 2:15am
The United States pledged Wednesday to send an additional $380 million in aid this year to help victims of Syria's brutal civil war, but warned that international efforts to ease their suffering will fail if Syrian President Bashar Assad refuses to let humanitarian assistance get to people who need it.

A look at articles in Egypt's draft constitution

01/15/2014 6:45am
Egypt's more than 52 million voters are voting Wednesday to decide whether to approve the country's rewritten constitution, which limits the scope of Islamic law and introduces new articles seen as a victory for rights advocates. It also expands the powers of the military in politics.

AP PHOTOS: Iran's Basij force influences country

01/15/2014 8:48am
With a presence in nearly every city and town across Iran, the paramilitary Basij volunteer corps has an ever-increasing influence on life in the Islamic Republic.

Key events in Egypt's uprising and unrest

01/15/2014 10:08am
Here are some key events from nearly three years of turmoil and transition in Egypt:

New pharaonic tomb discovered in Egypt

01/15/2014 12:28pm
Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities says that American and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a previously unknown pharaonic king dating back to dating to roughly 1650 B.C.

UN says pace of Israeli settler attacks up 4-fold

01/15/2014 1:14pm
The annual rate of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians has almost quadrupled in eight years, U.N. figures show, buttressing claims that Israeli security forces have largely failed to stem the so-called "price tag" campaign in which thugs cut down trees, deface mosques and beat Palestinian farmers.

Trial of suspected Hariri assassins set to begin

01/15/2014 2:17pm
The truck bomb assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri sent a sectarian tremor across the Middle East and set off years of upheaval in Lebanon, the consequences of which are still felt across the turbulent region.

Egyptian police detain AP cameraman

01/15/2014 2:43pm
Police on Wednesday detained a freelance Egyptian TV cameraman who was covering the country's constitutional referendum for The Associated Press.

$2.4 billion in aid pledged for war-ravaged Syria

01/15/2014 4:07pm
Western nations and their Gulf Arab allies led the promises of support at a fundraising conference in Kuwait on Wednesday that generated pledges of at least $2.4 billion to alleviate the suffering of Syrians affected by the country's relentless civil war.