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Egypt summons Iran diplomat over protest comments

01/06/2014 10:50am
Egypt's Foreign Ministry has summoned Iran's top diplomat in the country to express its "total condemnation" of comments he and other Iranian officials made recently about the surge of violence here.

Iran tries to reverse a slumping birth rate

01/06/2014 11:29am
In Iran, free condoms and government-backed vasectomies are out, replaced by sermons praising larger families and discussions of even offering gold coins to the families of newborns.

Hotline marks return of Egypt's security agency

01/06/2014 12:04pm
After a bombing hit a security headquarters in Egypt's Nile Delta, calls flooded into a hotline run by security agencies as people reported suspected members of the Muslim Brotherhood in their neighborhoods. In the weeks that followed, hotline numbers have run in a scroll on the bottom of many TV news broadcasts.

Security tight as Egypt Christians mark Christmas

01/06/2014 2:36pm
Millions of Egyptian Christians thronged churches across this mainly Muslim nation for Christmas Mass, held Monday amid unusually tight security but with congregations filled with hope ahead of a key vote on a new constitution that enshrines equality and criminalizes discrimination.

US moves to stop airplane engine export to Iran

01/06/2014 3:50pm
The United States Commerce Department has issued an emergency order using U.S. anti-terrorism export control laws against a Turkish company in an attempt to stop it from exporting two Boeing airplane engines to Iran.