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Prominent Shiite cleric backs fighting in Syria

12/15/2013 5:27am
A leading Shiite Muslim cleric widely followed by Iraqi militants has issued the first public religious edict permitting Shiites to fight in Syria's civil war alongside President Bashar Assad's forces.

Gaza Strip receives fuel after battered by storm

12/15/2013 11:15am
The Gaza Strip received its first shipment of industrial fuel in 45 days on Sunday, bringing much-needed relief to the coastal territory after a winter storm dumped rare snow across the region.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon face bitter winter

12/15/2013 1:54pm
Shivering in the snow, Syrian Aisha Mohammad looked at the last-minute charity that saved her children from freezing during the smack of a particularly tough Lebanese winter: a wood-burning stove complete with twigs and garbage to ignite in hopes of warming her drafty tent in an icy eastern plain.

Moderate Syrian rebels vow to protect journalists

12/15/2013 4:53pm
The leaders of Syria's main Western-backed moderate rebel faction said they would do everything in their power to protect journalists on assignment in the country and work to secure the release of those who have already been abducted.