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Church of the Nativity undergoes facelift

12/12/2013 12:21am
As visitors descend upon Bethlehem this holiday season, they will notice a different look for the Church of the Nativity. Wrapped in scaffolding, the basilica located at the traditional site of Jesus' birth is undergoing a much-needed facelift after 600 years.

Gadhafi's son briefly appears in Libyan court

12/12/2013 3:43am
The son of late dictator Moammar Gadhafi briefly appeared before a militia-backed court in a western Libyan town on Thursday only to see the proceedings against him adjourned until the end of February.

Iraq signs deal to buy South Korean fighter jets

12/12/2013 4:27am
Iraqi government has signed a $ 1.1 billion deal with a South Korean company to buy 24 multi-role light fighters to boost its defense capabilities.

At parley, Palestinians cite lack of shared vision

12/12/2013 11:01am
An unprecedented gathering of top Palestinian politicians and academics this week suggested that the split between Islamists and secular nationalists has hardened into permanence.

Israel calls off resettlement plan for Bedouin

12/12/2013 12:15pm
Israel on Thursday suspended a contentious bill aimed at resettling nomadic Bedouin Arabs into government-recognized villages after a series of objections rendered the plan politically untenable.

Film taking aim at Saudi monarchy opens in Syria

12/12/2013 2:23pm
Syria is hitting back at Saudi Arabia for supporting rebels who want to topple President Bashar Assad by promoting an English-language movie that depicts the founder of the monarchy as a bloodthirsty womanizer.

As ties warm, EU parliament delegation visits Iran

12/12/2013 11:26pm
A European Parliament delegation has arrived in Iran, the first visit to Tehran by the EU's legislative institution in more than six years.