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Conservative Hamas appoints first spokeswoman

11/10/2013 5:32am
The Hamas government of the Gaza Strip has for the first time appointed a woman to represent it to the world.

UN envoy chides Qatar on worker housing 'slum'

11/10/2013 6:09am
A senior U.N. envoy is urging Qatar to take immediate steps to improve housing conditions for migrant laborers building projects including venues for the 2022 World Cup in the energy-rich Gulf nation, describing one housing compound as "slum-like."

Gaza faces power outages amid political infighting

11/10/2013 7:31am
Palestinian officials say Gaza's power plant is not operating and the territory is facing power outages due to a fuel shortage caused by political infighting.

Report: Gunman kills Iranian deputy minister

11/10/2013 1:51pm
Iran's official news agency is reporting that a gunman has shot and killed a deputy industry minister.