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US naval convoy crosses Egypt's Suez Canal

11/08/2013 6:39am
An official at Egypt's Suez Canal says a U.S. aircraft carrier and a destroyer have crossed the waterway from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

Look at opponents of nuclear deal-making with Iran

11/08/2013 8:34am
Iran wants U.S.-led sanctions rolled back, and Western nations and others seek to limit Iran's ability to enrich uranium to levels that could lead it closer to producing nuclear weapons. But negotiators face resistance from Western allies such as Israel and Gulf states toward any pact that keeps Iran's nuclear program generally intact and dissent within Iran from hard-liners opposing any nuclear concessions or diplomatic outreach to Washington.

Russian report stirs new confusion in Arafat death

11/08/2013 12:40pm
Four investigations, hundreds of testimonies and stacks of medical reports on Yasser Arafat's unexplained death in 2004 have failed to produce hard evidence of what killed him _ and findings presented Friday only created more confusion.