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In Lebanon, a war apology remains a rare light

11/07/2013 12:46am
With pen and paper in hand, it took Assaad Chaftari five minutes at his home nestled in a cluster of pine trees in the mountains overlooking Beirut to write a public apology for his role in the atrocities committed during Lebanon's civil war.

Bahrain to resume air route to Iran

11/07/2013 7:21am
Bahrain's flagship carrier Gulf Air says it will resume routes to Iran more than two years after suspending flights over claims that Tehran's leaders support a Shiite-led uprising in the Gulf kingdom.

Kerry warns of violence if peace talks fail

11/07/2013 9:17am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a stark warning to Israel on Thursday, saying it faces international isolation and a possible explosion of violence if it does not make progress in peace efforts with the Palestinians.